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Basic Designs

Need something quick and basic? We have lots of winning designs ready for you. And quick turn around, too!


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Custom Lollipop Designs

Want to show off your logo on a lollipop? Maybe your mascot, or flag? Over the years we've done thousands of custom designs for happy lollipop customers!


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Customize Your Lollipop Sticks

Your lollipop stick can carry your message, phone number, website, almost anything you can think of! Leverage your lollipops to make a bigger, bolder statement!


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We manufacture custom lollipops, but what we really make are smiles! Smiles, because lollipops throw us back to when they were a real treat. And speaking of kids, lollipops always make them happy, and when they’re happy, everyone around them tends to be happy. It’s your brand and message that gets tied to all that happiness! From colleges throwing lollipops at parades to banks sending them through the tellers to drive through customers, custom lollipops have a long track record of success, creating positive vibes tied to your brand. We look forward to helping you spread those good brand vibes!

Success Story

A local college wanted to increase interest in enrollment in its own back yard. With the approaching Independence Day coming up, they knew access to the local community would be prime. We put their logo on custom lollipops and the imprinted the college enrollment number phone number on the sticks. Within days, calls were coming in! Contact us today, we might have a few ideas that will work for you as well!

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